Customisable Packages, Tailor-Made Tours & Activities in Iceland

Customisable Packages,
Tailor-Made Tours &
Activities in Iceland

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With an Iceland Private Tour Package, you´ll get a flexible trip, tailored to your needs and interests. We at Traveo...
Take the wheel with a Self-Drive tour in Iceland and explore this country’s many waterfalls, black sand beaches, and glacier...
Much like our Day Tours & Activities, our Multi-Day tours are excursions from our hand-picked travel partners; people and companies...
Traveo’s Small-Group Tours offer a variety of insightful and entertaining excursions.  We offer both winter and summer tours, some with...

Who We Are

Founded by passionate, local experts with decades of experience in the industry, Traveo is a Reykjavík-based travel agency dedicated to providing guests with the best experiences in Iceland. 

We offer tailor-made tours, including self-drives, partially guided and privately guided tours, all catered to your personal taste. This guarantees that each of our customers experiences Iceland in their own unique way.

We also provide you with up-to-date travel information and answer the most commonly asked questions about Iceland’s biggest attractions, as well as share a few secrets about our favourite local places and activities.

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