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3 hour Glacier hike in Skaftafell

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Glacier Activities

Frequently asked questions

To go on a glacier, you need proper safety equipment and you need to know the safe routes. Glaciers can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Every glacier is different and changes constantly, so having done a glacier hike before on other glaciers does not mean that you have the experience to go on any glacier. We very highly recommend to go on a tour with a professional guide. If being alone is what you wanted, we can organize private tours for you or recommend tours that go in very small groups.

Yes! Not all activities are available year around, but glacier hiking, snowmobiling and some ice caves are available all year.

This all depends on what activity you plan to do and how much time you have! If you plan to go on the south coast but not further than Vík, then we recommend the Solheimajökull glacier. There is even an ice cave available all year around in the area. Snowmobiling is available on all 3 major glaciers, but only Langjökull and Myrdalsjökull are accessible for a day excursion from Rekjavík. From November to March, the magnificent crystal blue ice caves are available in the Vatnajökull area. Glacier hiking in that area is also a must.

Yes, all glacier activities have an age limit. Make sure to check the age limit in the tour description before booking.

We recommend to wear warm, water and wind-proof clothes as well as good hiking shoes that have an ankle support. We also recommend to bring sunglases and sun cream as, if it is a sunny day, the sun will reflect on the ice.

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