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Woman with backpack and lilac jacket enjoying Haifoss waterfall of Iceland Highlands
Katrín Björk

The Best Things to Pack for Your Icelandic Holiday

What essentials do you need for your trip to Iceland? What should you pack for a trip to Iceland in the Summer? What do you not want to be caught without in the Winter? Read on for everything you should pack for your trip to Iceland, whatever the weather!

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3 hour Glacier hike in Skaftafell
Michael Chapman

All You Need to Know About Glacier Hiking in Iceland

Glacier hiking is among the most popular visitor activities in Iceland, offering guests a thrilling excursion amidst this island landscape’s wild and dramatic beauty. Read on to find out all there is to know about this exciting, all-seasons activity.

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Svanhildur Sif Halldórsdóttir

What is the First Day of Summer in Iceland All About?

Looking out my window, I see bare trees, people wearing thick coats, and a dark-grey sky. The snow just left the streets of Reykjavík last week, but you can see that the peaks of Mt. Esja are still bright white. It might not look like it, but today is the first day of summer.

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A puffin resting on a cliff side
Michael Chapman

Everything You Need to Know About Puffins in Iceland

Spring is on the horizon in Iceland, heralding the return of the Atlantic Puffins. As home to the largest puffin colony on earth, Iceland offers countless opportunities to spot these iconic birds in their natural habitat. Read on to find out how to see Atlantic Puffins during your trip to Iceland.

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